Oz x821

My name is Oz. I am a natural born Psychic, Clairvoyant and Healer. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Careers. I am able to do past, present and future readings with the help of my Spiritual Guide, Isis. I can tell you if you are with your Soul Mate. I can tell you if you are on the right path for your career. If you are in a dysfunctional relationship, and need help getting out, or just help getting over the person, I can cut the Spiritual Cords that keep you coming back to each other. If you are looking to improve the level of communication in your relationship, I can energize and heal your Spiritual Cords. Isis and I can access the Akashic Records or use the Tarot for your reading. Certified in Pranic Healing for Chakra balancing, Chakra energizing and removal of all negative or traumatic memories that are in the Chakra’s with the use of Pranic Psychotherapy. Please don’t wait another moment to feel better and whole again! I look forward to helping you with all of your questions, and healing! May you find your path to enlightenment and experience true peace! Namaste!

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