Andre` x827

Nice to meet you. My name is Andre`. I am a Clairvoyant Psychic Reader Advisor. From childhood to present day, I've been able to help people with the simplest to the most complicated problems. Especially with relationship matters. With a mixture of Blackfoot Indian in my family and in my soul, I've learned to listen and trust the messages and sounds that I receive. When you speak to me, your voice sends me images and hidden answers to your questions or concerns. I have helped many repeat clients for over 25 years with all of their personal matters and questions from A to Z, and I can help you too! Bring whatever is on your (open mind) into your reading. Life issues, love, marriage, divorce, ex-loves, pregnancy, infidelity, career, money, daily decisions, family concerns, relocation desires, releasing the past, dream questions, personal medicine, assistance with Hypnosis, etc. My background includes: My Psychic birthmark, Spiritual Counseling, Emotional Advice, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy to erase old habits, Dream Interpretations, Intense Personal Readings (if need be). Oh, and one more element...helping you with your luck by removing negatives that attach themselves to people like you who either don't know it's there or where it came from. That is why your money is low, your emotions are uneasy, and your health is giving you a hard time. Use your sessions with me to solve your problems. You'll be glad you did! They call me "Mr. Popular" because I'm busy helping people. Let me add you to my list of successes. I hope to speak with you soon.

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