LindaLou x846

I have been an intuitive counselor since 1982. My Spiritual Gifts were a result of a Near Death Experience in 1975. I have spent years studying with many of the Spiritual leaders in our nation as well as Shamans from Latin and South America and I spent four days in the presence of the Dalai Lamma. Once I paddled 7 miles up and 7miles back down the Belize River in a dugout canoe to spend two days with the last living Mayan Medicine Man of the area. I get the most joy from helping a person understand themselves better and what their life's experience is about for them. What makes my day is when a client that has a troubled in laughter at the end of my work. I most often use Tarot cards as my tool for diviation, however it is not unusual for me to reference my snowflake obsidian crystal ball.

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