Emmaline x806

Dear Friend, My name is Emmaline. I have been giving tarot reading for family and friends for a very long time. I love to look at all the meaning and images and really give you an accurate picture of what your future holds. I feel that I am truly here to help others. I have a background in counseling but have always come back to tarot readings. My life has tail spinned into my path of tarot and loving communication. I am so happy to be here I truly want to develop a friendship with my clients that is based on trust and honesty. I am compassionate and open minded. I can help guide but ultimately your destiny is in your hands. My sign is a cancer so I am extremely caring and nurturing. Cancers are run by the moon so we are natural psychics. I can feel emotions and sense how the person is feeling. One of my other gifts is stone meanings. If you would like a recommendation for a stone to help in your life journey. I would love to help. Please let me help with your questions with love, career, money, relationships, families and anything your else heart desires. What you will get from reading is sense of calm, empowerment and direction. I am so excited to take this journey together.

STATUS: Off-line