Greetings. My name is Gregor Ramses and I offer solace and confidential counsel in your time of indecision and anxiety. I am a self-taught musician of thirty-five years and my hearing and intuition are particularly acute. I believe that picking up on your unique bioelectric frequency and tonal signature are crucial to divining an accurate Tarot reading over the phone, I can discern subtle subconscious fluctuations in your voice, these fluctuations are like a quivering pendulum over your soul, upon which the answer to your question lies revealed. I channel this energy through the cards while speaking with you and allow them to do the rest. As an added specialty, I also offer more intensive life perspective readings from the ancient Book of Changes, or I Ching, a 5000 year old Chinese book of divination which I have personally worked with for over twenty years. Thank you for your consideration, and ascend with grace. Gregor

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