E'lan x811

Hello, my name is E'lan. I am a clairsentient, empathic, and intuitive astrologer with 20 plus years of proffesional experience. My specialties are in relationships, careers, and helping you go towards the highest life path that is specific to you. Helping people understand each other, and what your partner, or other person is thinking or feeling, compatibily, and how to best relate to another is really my forte. I am also a certified hypnotherapist and healer, and have many years of experience helping people interpret their dreams. My goal is to give clarity, guidance and insight to you, so you can break through anything blocking you from experiencing life the way it was meant for you to live. I can assist and guide you towards more fulfillness, joy and peace, and give specific answers about relationship issues, as well as almost any area of your life. Give me a call, and let me help you move with positive energy within your relationships, and any aspect of your life!

STATUS: Off-line