Kitten (ext. 855)

STATUS: Available

My name is Kitten but don’t let the name fool you, I am ALL woman and I know how to make a man feel real good. Long flaming red hair, soft blue eyes, full kissable lips, and I am shaved....all over. I have a very curvy womanly figure for you to cuddle up next to. I am an experienced submissive, it’s my nature, and I will be at your beck and call, your every wish is my command...and if I am naughty.....I will let you decide my punishment. Unless you want to be the naughty one....I will be happy to order you about and force you to do my bidding...

My voice is low and me for a bedtime story or any fantasy of your choosing...I can be sweet and innocent.....or an experienced vixen. And ask me about my experiences in the arts of seduction....I love telling all!

My ext. is 855