Geneva (ext. 744)

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Do you have your passport ready?

I hope so, because you need one to take a ride on this wild European Hottie!

Hello, I'm Geneva. I was born in Europe and came to America to live when I was a little girl. I love the American way of life - wearing my cut-off Levis, eating hamburgers, ... but I also love my European heritage and often go back home to hike in the Tatra mountains or listen to the Vienna choir.

I enjoy pleasing men, in whichever country I may be! I love to wrap my beautiful pink lips (both kind) around circumsized and un-circumsized cocks. I love to role-play (my speciality). I am willing to talk about anything! I am very descriptive. You will feel like I am right with you ... sharing your fantasies and desires. Just knowing that I am pleasing you, really makes my pussy sooooo wet!

Call me,
Geneva, at ext. 744.

Cum and experience the best of both worlds. You will be glad you did!!