Abbi x646

STATUS: Off-line

Hello loves, I'm Abbi at Ext. 646. Your southern gal who loves to tease and please. And who loves to be teased and pleased ;) I guess you could say that I'm a lady with a switch in her brain. A switch that loves to crave you and be craved by you. A switch that has different desires. A switch that can change with in a second to fulfill your needs and wants. The switch that can only be fueled by you. Fueled by your fantasies, your confessions, your stories, and your dirty little secrets.

The secret of you playing dress up in your wife's clothes and putting on her make up and perfume. The secret of the one on one action with you being in the locker room with another man that ended up in the shower with your bodies pressed together. The secret of how you seduced the next-door neighbor and you ended up bending her, or him, over the kitchen counter. I want to hear it ALL!

I'm waiting...
Abbi @ Ext. 646