Bianca x690

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Hi, I’m Bianca. I started as a secretary in a bank right out of business school. As you can see, I am beautiful and very curvy if you know what I mean. I have above average intelligence and a great sense of humor. My sexual experiences started when I was about 13 years old after puberty. Because I developed very quickly, I have always been approached by men of all kinds, races creeds and origins. I’ve had all types of cocks big and small, curved, circumcised and uncut. I’ve had my share of relationships as well as casual meaningless sex with lots of strangers. I do have a wicked imagination and lots of experience and stories to confess. 

Now as a more mature woman, with a deep sultry voice, I can give great pleasure to all men who need a helping hand. I am a great confident, a wonderful listener and will give you the best phone sex session ever. I have no taboos and will talk about what ever turns you on. Do you like to role play? Here are a few of my favorites. 

sexy hot neighbor 
your college professor or high school teacher, or student 
your friend’s mom or your mom’s friend 
dirty perverted Auntie or other relative
horny mature milf
threesomes or gang bangs 
caught you in my panty drawer
share my boyfriend with you
slutty secretary or anything else your dirty mind can come up with.

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